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Thrilling adventure hour means SO much to me.
I think the imagination from the two Bens is genius and then the talent from the work juice players and guest stars are amazing.
I know I have said it before but TAH has kept me company through loads. It was there at all my hospital appointments and treatment for my tumours. It has kept me company on the nights I have had to stay up with my mum when she is poorly and it helps me when I need to focus my brain so I can relax and sleep. I listen to it when I feel my anxiety is getting too much.I introduced TAH to a group I was in and I made a great friend because of it. We had planned to come over to the states to see the show but she had a bad turn and Sadly passed away but I am still going to go see it….fingers crossed.
I love the family felling around TAH and how the players are so lovely and friendly. Paget Brewster is like my idol, she is amazing in EVERYTHING she does. I have a special place for her, hallublin , paulftompkins Marc Evan Jackson and Mark Gagliardi if/when I finally get to meet them all I will be saying is thank you, if I can get the words out.

Hey dudes and dudets could i please have a RT/Sponsor
I am raising money for an amazing charity.
@icandanceuk believes that everyone, regardless of disability, through dance can access their own creativity. have a little looksie at this video i made
I did a skydive, swam 1 mile in the River Thames and now I will be doing Europe’s longest zip line to raise money. I am looking forward to flying head first off a mountain so please sponsor me at
thanks in advance

TAH trip

i know i have been saying for a while i want to go to see TAH and i have decided August is the month, providing i have the funds and nothing mad happens. I am looking forward to it,but i am also bricking it as well. This is a big step for me but i think i am ready, i hope i am ready. I better be,im working my ass off to get the money together. Every time i get hit, bit, punched or spat at by one of the kids i just think about the trip.

Tah has helped me lots, through hospital appointments with treatment for the tumors or the looooong nights with my mum when she has one of her episodes. It will be great to see where all the magic happens and to see the people who have helped me. All the work juice players are amazing but i have a special place for hallublin Mark Gagliardi paulftompkins Paget Brewster and Marc Evan Jackson.

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