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Adventurekateer Recruitment

I was part of a group to help us deal with our bad thoughts and get better. We had to share about how we deal with things. I use Thrilling adventure hour to focus my brain if I have had a bad day or if things get too much. So I told my group about it, there was 12 of us all together… When I say told, I really hocked my ipad up to the board and played it, got into trouble for being disruptive because the doctor was talking when I did it but I had to let the group hear it.
All the group loved it and we laughed loads and I know half the group got the podcast. I totally converted my friend caz, she became hooked. We had planed to go and see the show being recorded but sadly she passed away last week.

That’s just one instant, I will tel anyone who will listen about. TAH

After nearly a year off from riding because of being poorly i am back into training for my stage 2.

my instructor thinks i have totally lost the plot because i was cantering around saying varmints need a’ catchin. 

i want to be sparks on my rocket steed

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